Sustainable Sweetness

Kruidvat has taken a significant step by replacing its plastic candy bags with paper alternatives.

Accessible High-quality Skincare

Watsons Indonesia has partnered with L'Oréal to celebrate the launch of CeraVe, introducing the renowned skincare brand to the Indonesian market.

Aroma of Love

Embracing the spirit of love during Valentine's Day, The Perfume Shop presents its captivating video titled "It Started With a Spritz."

Relieve Pain Effortlessly

To deliver reliable and affordable healthcare solutions to customers, Watsons Singapore has launched its exclusive brand product, Fast Pain & Fever Relief.

Accessible Health Care

Superdrug has supported the launch of Pharmacy First, a service that allows customers to receive advice and treatment from a local pharmacy for minor ailments.

Empowering Women

Watsons Indonesia recently organised an in-store event titled "Nivea x Watsons Batik Blossoms: Empowering Women, Embracing Culture" to support the Indonesian Batik women community.

Welcome to Our New City Office!

AS Watson has expanded its office from the main office to cope with international expansion. The new city office in Whampoa, Hong Kong, is designed to foster innovation and collaboration among team members.

Recharged by MegaBoost

Watson's has launched its brand-new MeagBoost Sports drink that helps replenish electrolytes and hydration.

Face It Your Way

FASE, the exclusive brand of FORTRESS, has partnered with 9 talented local artists to launch a mobile phone case exhibition.

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