Laptop Transformation Programme

To drive sustainable living, FORTRESS & Caritas Computer Workshop (CCW) jointly launched the market-first Laptop Transformation Programme. Customers can recycle laptops at FORTRESS, and CCW will help to disinfect the laptops and install basic software, helping to reduce electronic waste and foster social integration.

Watsons Launches Get Active Park in Asia

Are you staying active even amid the pandemic? A research revealed that 31% of the global population have gained weight while 23% have exercised less during COVID-19. The World Health Organisation recommends that adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week in order to boost our immune system and stay healthy, lack of exercise is detrimental to one’s physical and mental health.  

“IMEW” Just Arrives Watsons

Watsons has just launched a new exclusive range “IMEW” in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and will further roll out in the markets of Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Turkey soon. The brand implies “I am new” to sync with GenZ’s desire on new things.

Watsons Hong Kong Opens its First Own Brand Shop-in-Shop

To raise the awareness and equity of Watsons Brands, Watsons Hong Kong has opened its first Own Brand shop-in-shop in Whampoa, one of Hong Kong’s key residential areas. With a modern and stylish design, it’s a one-stop Own Brand Shopping Hub which offers Hero brands and products, everything from skincare to shampoo, taking care of every customer’s need and bringing excitement to them.

Do Good this Holiday Season

This holiday season, A.S. Watson’s business units partnered with various charitable organisations to share love with people in need, making the world a better place.

Watsons Hong Kong HWB Awards

Watsons successfully held the Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards at a prestigious hotel in Hong Kong. The event not only celebrated customers’ most-loved health & beauty products, but also the collaboration with its supplier partners. This year, the “Love” theme ran throughout the event to show how Watsons and its partners work together to love their customers.

Spread Love this Christmas

This Christmas, Watsons Hong Kong hosted a charity sale of Snow Crystal WatsMask to raise funds for InspiringHK, whom Watsons has supported since 2019.

New Sustainable Skincare Brand

A.S. Watson Group and Procter & Gamble Group have jointly launched a Japan skincare brand aio in the physical and online stores of Watsons Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Developed and made in Japan, aio is a brand focusing on simplicity and sustainability and its packaging is fully recyclable, making it a Clean Beauty product under Watsons Sustainable Choices.

Interview with Group Managing Director - Year of Passion

2022 is designated as Year of Passion. In this interview, our Group Managing Director, Dominic Lai, shares the importance of Passion to him, our colleagues and also our business.

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