Light Up the World with Smiles

AS Watson Group's colleagues and its business partners around the world united for a heartwarming cause - Smile For Good 2023! Together, we spread love and smiles to communities everywhere!

Innovative Store Concept

Watsons Thailand has unveiled its new store concept at The EMSPHERE.

Watsons Thailand Celebrates its 700th Store Opening

Today, Watsons Thailand is celebrating the opening of its 700th store at Central Westville.

Clean Your Makeup for Younger Skin

Watsons Thailand is thrilled to unveil its latest product range, Dermaction Plus x Nong Chat.

Bright Future

Watsons Thailand, in collaboration with Watsons Club members and local staff, made a significant contribution to the welfare of the community by supporting the Ban Namsoom Child Development Centre in Chiang Mai province.

Magic Time

Watsons Thailand invite the beloved Thai celebrity duo, Boun & Prem, to the highly anticipated "Magic Time of Us: Meet and Greet with Boun Prem" event, commemorating their 27th anniversary.

Feeding Love and Compassion

Watsons Thailand and Srichand have united in a collaborative effort to donate animal food in support of the Home for Handicapped Animals Foundation.

Beauty Glamour

Watsons Thailand is excited to announce its partnership with Maybelline to delight its members.

Top Scorers of Customer Love Score 💯

Check this out to see the featured top scored of Customer Love Score in our global network!

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