We Empower Women

At A.S. Watson, we believe in the New Beautiful, a new kind of beauty that’s good for everyone. Beautiful glows from the inside. It’s how we treat ourselves and each other. It’s how we live, who we are, and who we can be. The beautiful is in us all, and for us all.

Marionnaud is Awarded Gold in Retailer Innovations!

Marionnaud is delighted to be awarded Gold in the Retailer Innovations at the 8th Connected Commerce Night organised by Républik Retail.

Marionnaud is the Best Retailer in Italy!

Congratulations! Marionnaud Italy is delighted to be recognised as the Best Retailer (Beauty Category) at the Migliore Insegna Award 2022. The award was organised by Largo Consumo and Ipsos Italy, an independent research was carried out to evaluate over 40,000 consumers’ shopping experience of more than 100 retail brands.

Countdown to Christmas

Let’s countdown to Christmas together! Two advent calendars have arrived at Marionnaud this Christmas! One features 24 Marionnaud’s Own Brand products and is available at all Marionnaud stores across the world! While another one features 25 products from Marionnuad and its partners including Elemis, Karl Lagerfeld, Merci Handy, Ioma and many more. This glamourous advent calendar is now exclusively available at Marionnaud France!

Driving Change With Love

A 2-day Sustainability Webinar was held by A.S. Watson Group’s Global Sustainability Committee on 19-20 July, with Driving Change being the theme. All the participants were motivated to take the lead in driving changes and innovation in every market we operate. With love, every one of us is important in making the world a better place.

Share Beauty Spread Joy

Marionnaud has launched its social purpose: Share Beauty, Spread Joy. This involves customers, colleagues and the community. Marionnaud is committed to pouring passion into every tiny, beautiful detail of the customer experience, as well as the bigger picture, for a beautiful, sustainable world.

Social Success

Marionnaud Italy has recently launched My Clarins, a range of vegan skincare products made largely from flowers, plants and fruits. Popular social media influencers were invited to spread the word about how to make My Clarins part of a daily skincare routine.

Stylish Mamas

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, Marionnaud Italy launched a makeup collection called My Flamboyant Mama. Six digital influencers were able to showcase the products – and at the same time celebrate the way mothers can combine femininity, sensuality and motherly love.

Six Amazing Years of eLab

It seems like only yesterday, but it was 6 years ago that A.S. Watson Group launched its pioneering eLab, an in-house digital agency. eLab unites digital specialists from across the globe on a shared mission to accelerate digital transformation, seize emerging O+O (Offline plus Online) opportunities, and drive digital innovation. Now, it’s time to celebrate eLab’s six-year market-leading achievements, delve into its unique culture, and look at what’s coming next.

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