Watsons Launches Get Active Park in Asia

Are you staying active even amid the pandemic? A research revealed that 31% of the global population have gained weight while 23% have exercised less during COVID-19. The World Health Organisation recommends that adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week in order to boost our immune system and stay healthy, lack of exercise is detrimental to one’s physical and mental health.  

“IMEW” Just Arrives Watsons

Watsons has just launched a new exclusive range “IMEW” in Hong Kong and Malaysia, and will further roll out in the markets of Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Turkey soon. The brand implies “I am new” to sync with GenZ’s desire on new things.

Watsons with LINE FRIENDS Collection

Watsons has partnered with LINE FRIENDS and launches LINE FRIENDS special edition products in Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. Customers can purchase or redeem LINE FRIENDS collection such as cotton pads, handwash, umbrellas, phone holders, hairbrushes and more!

Care for Lung Health

Watsons Taiwan organised the Love in HER event with Formosa Cancer Foundation to promote female lung cancer prevention. For any purchase during the event period, Watsons Taiwan will donate NT$10 to Formosa Cancer Foundation.

Watsons Taiwan is Facebook Most Influential Brand!

Watsons Taiwan is proud to be recognised as Facebook Most Influential Brand! Watsons Taiwan is committed to bringing seamless O+O shopping experiences to customers, and this award recognises its continuous efforts in reaching and deepening their relationships with the customers through social media.

New Sustainable Skincare Brand

A.S. Watson Group and Procter & Gamble Group have jointly launched a Japan skincare brand aio in the physical and online stores of Watsons Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Developed and made in Japan, aio is a brand focusing on simplicity and sustainability and its packaging is fully recyclable, making it a Clean Beauty product under Watsons Sustainable Choices.

Watsons Taiwan is Named Happiest Corporate

Watsons Taiwan is glad and honoured to be awarded 2021 Special Award of Happiest Corporate Awards and Gold Award of Happiest Corporate by 1111 job bank. The Gold Award was voted by 2 million office workers online, followed by a sample survey of employees of the winning company while the Special Award recognises corporate that took actions for the community wellbeing during the pandemic.

Coastal Clean up

Watsons Taiwan held Smile for Good – Coastal Clean Up event, over 200 participants cleaned up the beach and collected 1200kg of trash, everyone picked up 6kg in average! The coastal clean-up event had been run for 6 consecutive years, and for the first time, members and KOLs were also invited this year. Let’s DO GOOD for the Planet together!

Driving Change With Love

A 2-day Sustainability Webinar was held by A.S. Watson Group’s Global Sustainability Committee on 19-20 July, with Driving Change being the theme. All the participants were motivated to take the lead in driving changes and innovation in every market we operate. With love, every one of us is important in making the world a better place.

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