MAKE 2024 - Thrive & Shine: Empowering Growth Mindsets

AS Watson's annual senior leaders meeting, MAKE 2024, just wrapped up in Dubai last week.

Interview with Group Managing Director – Year of Kindness

2024 has been designated as ‘Year of Kindness’. In this interview, our Group Managing Director, Dominic Lai, sheds light on the significance of kindness within the organisation, among colleagues, and in the community.

Drogas’ 30 Years of Customer Dedication

Drogas, the leading health and beauty retailer in Latvia and Lithuania, is celebrating its 30th anniversary and wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to its loyal customers.

ICI PARIS XL Celebrates 55 Years of Beauty

To celebrate its 55th anniversary, ICI PARIS XL has curated a special promotion for its loyal customers.

Watsons Water - A Trusted Brand For 120 Years

As Watsons Water celebrates its 120 years, the brand is excited to roll out a series of anniversary campaigns.

Watson's Wine Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Watson's Wine takes great pride as a leading wine retailer in Hong Kong.

Interview with Group Managing Director - Year of Smile

2023 has been designated as ‘Year of Smile’. In this interview, our Group Managing Director, Dominic Lai, shares the importance of smile to AS Watson and the reasons for taking a big stance on something as small as a smile.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Kruidvat Belgium invites over 2,000 employees to a fabulous party celebration.

Celebrating PARKnSHOP as a Trusted Brand for 50 Years

PARKnSHOP has been growing with Hong Kong people for 50 years, expanding and adapting to the fast-changing needs of local customers. It’s loved by generations of Hong Kong people, who trust PARKnSHOP to provide outstanding choice, freshness and safety, value and experiences.

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