Watsons Water - A Trusted Brand For 120 Years

As Watsons Water celebrates its 120 years, the brand is excited to roll out a series of anniversary campaigns.

Build on a Rich Legacy

Watsons Water has grown into a household name boasting more than a century of history in Hong Kong. Its humble beginnings started in the late 1800s when the plague swept through the city claiming more than 10,000 lives.

The Old Watson's Bottling Factory at To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong in the 1930s
The Old Watson's Factory at Watson Road, North Point, Hong Kong in 1950s

The need for safe and distilled drinking water spurred AS Watson & Co. to begin the Watsons Water production to help the population in the city access clean water in 1903. The brand then became a quintessential household name. Making customers smile has become Watsons Water’s everyday mission. Over time, its range expanded beyond water to include carbonated drinks, which quickly became a local hit.

Watsons Water has always been a pioneer, boasting many firsts. In 2015, it launched the first-ever 100% recyclable rPET bottles to help reduce plastic waste. All of our Watsons Water bottles and labels are now made of 100% rPET, which can be recycled infinitely. In 2019, Watsons Water furthered its commitment to sustainability by introducing innovative Green Point Smart Water Bottle Reverse Vending Machines in Hong Kong. Again, during COVID-19, it stepped up to transform its manufacturing plant into production lines for WatsMask to produce safe and high-quality medical masks to protect its customers and people.

Celebrating 120 Years

Throughout the years, much has changed, but one thing remains certain: through better or worse, Watsons Water has always put customers at the heart of its business. Today, it proudly celebrates that heritage.

To celebrate its 120th anniversary, Watsons Water is partnering with Edan, Ian, and Jer from MIRROR to roll out a series of anniversary campaigns featuring the popular boy band. Highlights include a promotional trailer themed “120 years of Gratefulness, Shaping Every Moment” and giveaway promotions within its Drops of Fun Rewards Programme.

But that’s not all, it has also rolled out a series of limited-edition Soda Water packaging now available at supermarkets.

Watsons Water prioritises customers' health and well-being, supports the community, protects the environment and promotes sustainability education for a greener future. Together, we strive to create a better world, “Because WE CARE”.

We would like to show appreciation to colleagues and business partners who have grown with us and contributed to our 120 years of success. Together, we will continue to build sustainable brands and businesses for many decades to come.

Michelle Chan, Managing Director of AS Watson Industries

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