A Brand-New Journey

As one of the leading health and beauty retailers in the Dutch market, Trekpleister has launched its refreshed brand.

Refreshing Shopping Journey

Following the successful launch of its new store concepts in Putten and Bodegraven, Trekpleister launched its third store with an innovative concept in Uden, the Netherlands.

Refreshing Store Concept

Trekpleister has launched its refreshed brand and opened a new store concept in Putten and Bodegraven, the Netherlands.

Unveiling a Captivating Rebranding Video

As part of its brand refresh, Trekpleister has introduced a captivating rebranding video.

Your Delight, Our Commitment

Trekpleister is running a series of initiatives to refresh the brand, including the introduction of a friendly cartoon spokesperson, an engaging TV commercial and a refreshing store design.

Beauty Toppers

Trekpleister organised the Beauty Toppers event, a grand celebration for over 200 beauty enthusiasts to indulge in a day full of beauty and self-care.

Welcome Dominic to the Netherlands and UK!

Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director of AS Watson Group recently returned to the Netherlands and UK following a 4-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Say Hello to Spring!

Trekpleister has launched a series of Spring promotion to celebrate this growing and blooming season with customers!

Congratulations to the Winning Store Teams!

AS Watson Group hosted 2023 Global Best Store Team Awards presentation ceremony in Hong Kong yesterday to present the best store awards to 47 winning store teams from 28 markets.

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