Drogas’ 30 Years of Customer Dedication

Drogas, the leading health and beauty retailer in Latvia and Lithuania, is celebrating its 30th anniversary and wishes to express its heartfelt gratitude to its loyal customers. For three decades, Drogas has been prioritising customer satisfaction, helping them Do Good, Feel Great.

Growing with the Customers

Drogas established its first store on Dzirnavu iela 57 in Riga on 10 December 1993, embarking on a journey of growth alongside its customers.

Putting customers at its heart, Drogas expanded beyond Riga five years later, inaugurating its first store in Jelgava. The brand further gained a place in the hearts of Latvian customers, and in 2001, it launched its operations in Lithuania, becoming the first Latvian store network to be opened outside Latvia. This marked the beginning of an ambitious expansion strategy that has since extended the Drogas’ network across and outside the market.

To adapt to customers’ needs, Drogas has developed new store concepts incorporating customer recommendations and emphasising transparency. Added to this, the brand aims to create a haven of tranquility for its customers where they can temporarily escape from the daily hustle and bustle and find respite from their worries. As such, store interiors feature a soothing palette of gray and soft pink, complemented by accents of Drogas’ signature colour. Drogas also launched its online store in Latvia in 2018 and in Lithuania in 2019, aiming is to provide customers with a seamless and pleasurable O+O shopping experience so that customers can shop whenever and wherever they are.

Drogas operated in Lithuania in 2001
Drogas Latvia concept store

Sharing Joy with Customers

To express appreciation to its customers, the brand is also presenting the “I will celebrate with all my heart!” campaign. Customers will get to enjoy special offers on a wide range of products both offline and online. Additionally, every purchase grants an entry into a lucky draw, giving customers a chance to win one of 1,500 product sets or a grand prize of a trip to New York. Drogas will also host a series of events featuring complimentary workshops and exciting giveaways for its loyal customers.

Looking ahead, it remains committed to delighting its customers and ensuring that every customer shops with a smile.

During these 30 years, we have gained a leading position in our market, and we are proud of having more than 800,000 loyal customers, representing almost half of Latvian population. We will continue to build our customer base by offering the best O+O shopping experience and the opportunity to be part of the Drogas customers’ community offline and online.

Andrej Jernev, Managing Director of Drogas

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