Celebrating Eid Festival

Celebrating Eid Festival

Eid al-Fitr, also known as the Eid festival, is an important celebration celebrated by Muslims around the world. During Ramadan, Muslims observe a month-long fast from dawn to sunset, abstaining from food and drink. The Eid festival is a joyous occasion that signifies the successful completion of this period of fasting and devotion. Let’s explore how Watsons Indonesia, Watsons Malaysia, and The Perfume Shop celebrate Eid festival with their customers and colleagues. From exciting promotions to cultural gatherings, these brands showcased their commitment to diversity and inclusivity during this special time, creating memorable experiences.

Watsons Indonesia continued the celebration after Eid Festival with a Halal Bi-Halal gathering in its office, emphasising togetherness. Each colleague brought special snacks or food from their hometown, allowing everyone to experience the tradition and showcase Indonesia's rich diversity of cultures and cuisines.

Watsons Malaysia embraced the uniqueness of Eid Festival with its campaign titled "Dimensi Raya Paling Unik”, featuring a series of exciting promotions both in stores and online. To kick off the festivities, a grand launch was held and attended by Watsons ambassadors and top Malaysian stars, who delivered a performance of the Watsons Raya song.

Applying henna is a tradition during Eid. Adorning oneself with henna during Eid is believed to bring good luck, symbolising the start of a new chapter. The Perfume Shop celebrated the festival in Manchester by teaming up with a henna artist to delight customers with this treat when shopping in-store. Additionally, The Perfume Shop surprised and delighted influencers with a special delivery by its Vera Van, showcasing their dedication to creating personalised experiences for their customers.

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