Driving Change With Love

Driving Change With Love

A 2-day Sustainability Webinar was held by AS Watson Group’s Global Sustainability Committee on 19-20 July, with Driving Change being the theme. All the participants were motivated to take the lead in driving changes and innovation in every market we operate. With love, every one of us is important in making the world a better place.

Where does Sustainability stand in ASW?
Sustainability is not marketing. It is Strategy. It’s not to put on a show, but to think hard on every angle how we can make an impact, how your business can make an impact in the market you operate.

On the one hand, sustainability is a complex subject to explain in the organisation; on the other hand, it’s a simple business formula : Happy Staff + Happy Customers = Happy Business = Happy Shareholders

How do we approach it?

Sustainability is a space that requires partnerships with many stakeholders in the ecosystem. We simply cannot do it alone. Our suppliers, service providers, recycling companies, green groups, and just as importantly, our People and our Customers. Go and identify your partners. Go and involve your customers. We connect to billions of customers every year, it is our responsibility to share more knowledge and provide them the choice to live more sustainable lifestyle and support the community like our Give a Smile campaign to support Operation Smile.

Driving change is about choosing between ‘Leading change’ vs ‘Responding to feedback’. It’s about evolving from a passive to an active contributor to sustainability. Take leadership now instead of just responding! Every day, every effort from you locally counts! It is a collective effort and partnership approach that we take in ASW! We are a big company. Together we can make big impact!

Malina Ngai
Chairperson, AS Watson Group Global Sustainability Committee Group
COO, AS Watson Group & CEO, AS Watson (Asia & Europe)

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