Enduring Legacy of 120 Years

Enduring Legacy of 120 Years

Rooted in Hong Kong for 120 years, Watsons Water is delighted to invite Edan, Ian, Jer@MIRROR as ambassadors this year.

In celebration of its 120th anniversary, Watsons Water is offering a special set featuring 15 limited-edition collectible packaging adorned with heartfelt thank-you messages. This serves as a wonderful way to express gratitude to our loved ones. What’s more, a total of 120 air tickets to Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, together with a vast array of limited-edition mementos featuring Edan, Ian, Jer@MIRROR will be available for redemption.

For more details, please visit: https://www.ww-fun.com/en/120thanniversary

Watch the TV commercial here:

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