Malina's Sharing on The Power of Kindness at Harper's Bazaar The Visionary Women Awards Presentation Ceremony

Malina's Sharing on The Power of Kindness at Harper's Bazaar The Visionary Women Awards Presentation Ceremony

Malina Ngai, CEO of AS Watson (Asia & Europe), was honored with the Harper's Bazaar The Visionary Women Awards. As International Women's Day approaches, she took this opportunity to share with future women leaders through a keynote speech titled "The Power of Kindness: Empowering Women to Lead" during the award presentation ceremony.

Malina shared her love in athletics as a heptathlete (involves seven different events). Following a serious injury during a javelin throw at the Olympic qualifying competition, she made a remarkable transition to rowing. Despite facing uncertainties, being scared of water and having limited knowledge of rowing, she was determined to commit herself in intense training. By using unconventional training methods like visualisation, in two years’ time, she represented Hong Kong and won the bronze medal in the Asian Games. She recalled the setback from the injury and shared that, "It's not so much about what happens to you in life. It's about how you react to what happens to you in life that makes a difference."

As a female leader in retail, Malina is dedicated to empowering and inspiring every woman around her. During the ceremony, she shared her vision to bring positive energy to people in the company and how AS Watson redefines beauty.  “Beauty should radiate from within, starting with health which I call it the inside beauty. Combine with a positive mindset and confidence, everyone can have their own beauty.”

She encouraged all women on their journey of pursuing their dreams, "If you have a dream, never give up. If you feel tired, take a rest, but don't quit. All things that seem impossible can become possible."

She further highlighted the significance of confidence as a female leader, "The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. It is powerful and transformative, and it is essential if you aspire to be a leader."

In her concluding remarks, she unveiled the secret of her happiness formula, “Are you happy? The happiness formula is about: All the things you have, divided by all the things you want. If you want less, you will become happier.”

“What is enough? Try to focus less on what you want, and focus more on how to use what you have to service and support others. Give opportunities to others so we uplift each other.”

Understanding the importance of love and kindness, Malina has been committed to creating a work culture where everyone is caring and loving. She believes that only when colleagues love each other, we can create a culture of love that extends to our customers. That's why she designated this year as the Year of Kindness at AS Watson to encourage acts of kindness and foster a world of love and care.

"Kindness is the new fashion. I encourage both men and women to use kindness to express yourself. Kindness a timeless fashion. So embrace kindness as a fashion, and you and those around you will be more beautiful.”

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