Top Scorers of Customer Love Score 💯

Top Scorers of Customer Love Score 💯

At AS Watson, our utmost commitment is to put a smile on our customers' faces today and tomorrow. To ensure we meet this goal, we conduct monthly customer surveys across all our operating markets, allowing our customers to tell us their experiences after each visit by scoring on the service, products and environment.

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the Top Scorers of this month's Customer Love Score survey, who have attained a perfect score of 100. In this month's Top Scorer series, we proudly feature:

To provide exceptional customer service, it is important to adopt a friendly manner, speak in a comforting tone, and make eye contact when greeting customers. We also need to understand their needs and offer suitable options while sharing our product expertise. Lastly, we should guide customers as they leave the store, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

Wong Yiu Ming, Stanley, Store Manager
Watson’s Wine – Stanley Plaza

We are an enthusiastic team with a diverse range of ages. Each team member is passionate and loves to share product knowledge with our customers. We pride ourselves on solving every problem with a smile. Additionally, our new colleagues have been coached by the most experienced members of our team, ensuring a high level of expertise and service.

Annemiek van der Veen, Store Manager
ICI PARIS XL – Havenstraat 114, Bussum

Ensuring that our customers feel at home is our top priority and we are delighted that they have expressed 100% satisfaction and appreciation for our services. We are always ready to lend an ear and provide advice. With our extensive product knowledge, we are able to make informed recommendations tailored to each customer's needs, further strengthening their trust in us.

Gabriela Černá Štechová, Store Manager
Marionnaud Czech Republic – Nám.Míru Zlín

We actively listen to our customers' needs and expectations, and we remain open to everything they want to share with us. It is our unwavering attention, kindness, tailor-made offers, and genuine smiles that put a smile on our customers' faces. Furthermore, there is an incredible sense of gratitude when a customer expresses satisfaction with the new product we have chosen together.

Veronika Géciová, Store Manager
Marionnaud Slovakia – Aupark Piešťany

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