Top Scorers of Customer Love Score💯

Top Scorers of Customer Love Score💯

AS Watson is dedicated to delighting our customers and earning their loyalty. To achieve this, the Group conducts monthly customer survey, Customer Love Score, across all of our operating markets, enabling customers to rate their experiences after each visit. Congratulations to the Top Scorers of this month who've managed to score 100 in the Customer Love Score survey!

In this month's Top Scorer series, we feature:

We always maintain a customer-focused mindset. We actively greet every customer and strive to understand their needs, creating a positive impression that lasts. Despite having only three team members, we work together harmoniously, like a family, with the shared goal of satisfying our customers and bringing smiles to their faces every day.

Wong Chun Fung, Store Manager

We prioritise delivering exceptional customer experiences as a core part of our mission. Through our teamwork and the unwavering support of all departments, we consistently place ourselves in our customers' shoes, ensuring we provide them with the "Total Solution" for an enhanced quality of life. The satisfaction of our customers, reflected in their smiles, fuels our drive to continually improve and exceed their expectations.

Boomson Law, Store Manager
FORTRESS – Shun Tak House

Our key to success is our customer-centric passion. As a store manager, I prioritise my team's well-being, enabling them to provide optimal, personalised service. This fosters customer loyalty, driving repeat visits. By creating a positive work environment and emphasising customer satisfaction, we achieve excellence.

Muriel van der Zander, Store Manager
ICI PARIS XL Belgium – Saint-Ghislain

We prioritise welcoming and assisting customers with a smile every day, starting with friendly greetings. Our team is committed to engaging in casual conversation that helps build connection and establish trust with local customers. We readily answer questions, introduce promotions, and share personal experiences to enhance their understanding. We also express gratitude for their purchase and wish them a pleasant day in the store.

Marina Vandromme, Store Manager
Kruidvat Belgium – Smeermaas

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