Top Scorers of Customer Love Score

Top Scorers of Customer Love Score

At AS Watson, caring for our customers is always our top priority. The best way to demonstrate our care is to listen to our customers’ feedback. In pursuit of this goal, the Group conducts a monthly customer survey called the Customer Love Score across all our operating markets, allowing customers to rate their experiences after each visit.

Congratulations to the Top Scorers of this month's Customer Love Score survey who have achieved a perfect score of 100. This remarkable achievement reflects their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. In this month's Top Scorer series, we feature:

We focus on understanding our customers for exceptional service, creating a friendly ambiance and nurturing relationships. With teamwork and appreciation, we deliver outstanding services, aiming to put smiles on customers’ faces today and tomorrow.

Lesslee Mirador Hernadez, Store Manager
Watsons Singapore - Lucky Plaza

It is our mission to maintain a friendly attitude and offer a friendly smile. By paying attention and understanding customers’ needs, we provide help with sincerity. Also, we actively listen to inspire the team to deliver exceptional service.

Wei Xi, Health Advisor
Watsons Hong Kong - Happy Valley

To make customers return, you need only three things: to love your job, do it well and remember that the customer is always a priority. We want every customer to feel satisfied and leave with a smile.

Iryna Krasylnykova, Store Manager
Watsons Ukraine - Yaroslava Mudrogo

Our team ensures customer satisfaction through personalised welcomes and regular events for loyal customers. We create unforgettable experiences with a cozy atmosphere to ensure they are always satisfied and want to come back.

Maude Goron, Store Manager
Marionnaud France - Laval

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