Watsons Launches Get Active Park in Asia

Watsons Launches Get Active Park in Asia

Are you staying active even amid the pandemic? A research revealed that 31% of the global population have gained weight while 23% have exercised less during COVID-19. The World Health Organisation recommends that adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week in order to boost our immune system and stay healthy, lack of exercise is detrimental to one’s physical and mental health.  

To help customers stay active and healthy while at home, Watsons VR Get Active Park just landed in the market of Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia and will be rolled out in Hong Kong next month.

Malina Ngai, CEO of AS Watson (Asia & Europe) is excited about the initiative, “It’s our passion to keep our customers healthy. The Watsons VR Get Active Park leverages on the technology to create a playground to have fun while working out. In fact, doing exercise doesn’t require a lot of gear or a big space. With the touch of a phone or tablet, customers can get active, anytime, anywhere.”

Beyond Exercise - It’s All About Health

The 360⁰ Watsons VR Get Active Park brings together customers in a virtual playland that is made up of different sections including a game zone, exercise arena, virtual Watsons store and rewards station, offering customers a virtual immersive experience to live an active lifestyle. Health tools such as BMI measurer, calories burn and activity calculators are available to help customers monitor their health. It is also a great platform for customers to explore new health products.

As the Watsons VR Get Active Park launches across the region, each market has a localised twist added to its mix. Watsons Hong Kong will invite Olympic athletes Arenas Chan and Karen Tam to demonstrate some stretching videos to engage participants. Watsons Thailand invites customers to take on Watsons trainers to complete training tasks and share their accomplishments on social media to redeem eStamps.

In Watsons Taiwan, pharmacists share tips on staying healthy and provide health products recommendations so that customers can easily choose the right health products. While Watsons Malaysia’s customers got to learn from Masterchef Abang Brian on how to use the finest and healthiest ingredients to transform some of Malaysia’s traditional cuisines into healthy alternatives.

Ngai concludes, “Getting active not only helps our customers stay physically fit, it also has a positive effect on their mental wellbeing. Our millions of members in Asia told us that they are more likely to do exercise with friends, so Watsons VR Get Active Park is a perfect initiative to motivate each other to become healthier inside and out by participating in our fun activities online together.”

Check out Watsons VR Get Active Park:

Watsons Taiwan - https://getactive.watsons.com.tw

Watsons Malaysia - https://getactive.watsons.com.my

Watsons Thailand - https://getactive.watsons.co.th

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