Welcome Dominic to Watsons China!

Welcome Dominic to Watsons China!

Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director of AS Watson Group, recently made a highly anticipated return to Watsons China after four challenging years of pandemic. During his visit, Mr Lai went to the Watsons office in Chengdu, a city renowned for pandas.

The arrival of Mr Lai was met with great excitement and joy from all the colleagues, who had eagerly awaited his return. To celebrate this special occasion, the office was filled with panda decorations, drawings and accessories. Panda is not just an iconic symbol of Chengdu, but also underscores the deep connection between Watsons and its employees.

Mr Lai was delighted to see so many familiar faces of our colleagues and said, “I’m excited to be back in Watsons China and meet every one of you. Chengdu holds great significance as one of the key cities for Watsons China. Together, we have successfully weathered through challenging times, demonstrating the remarkable resilience and determination of Watsons family. Thank you every one of you for your unwavering commitment and hard work. You’ve done very well!”

Following the gathering, Mr Lai visited several stores in Chengdu where he engaged with the store teams to show support. He motivated the teams to continue to grow at Watsons, and highlighted the importance of their role in delivering exceptional O+O customer experience, “You are our greatest asset, representing Watsons in taking care of our customers and putting a smile on their faces. Each and every one of you is truly important to the success of the company. Let’s work together and achieve greater heights!”

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