Welcome to the eLab Office 2.0 in Asia!

Welcome to the eLab Office 2.0 in Asia!

As the eLab, our inhouse digital agency, continues to expand and play a growing role in our global business, our eLab team in Asia has moved into gleaming new office in Hong Kong designed to help make work more fun and collaborative.

The new eLab office is decorated in vibrant colours that feed in to the creative vibe running throughout eLab.

There’s an open, welcoming “town hall” zone for presentations and large-scale meetings, sofas and other casual seating areas, quiet booths for making phone calls, and exercise equipment. Some work stations are even linked with exercise bikes, so eLab colleagues can use pedal power and brain power at the same time.

The eLab office 2.0 is much more than a place to work. eLab is all about helping our businesses connect with customers, and this new office enables us to make the most of our connections with each other. It’s big, bright and brilliant!

Andrew Ma, Chief Technology Officer, eLab Asia

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