Embrace Sustainability with Our Own Brands

Every year, AS Watson is serving over 5.5 million customers from all over the world. It’s important for us to ensure our products not only meet the highest safety standards, but also offer an opportunity for our customers to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.  

Welcome Dominic to Watsons China!

Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director of AS Watson Group, recently made a highly anticipated return to Watsons China after four challenging years of pandemic. During his visit, Mr Lai went to the Watsons office in Chengdu, a city renowned for pandas.

Leadership Insights from Our CEO

Malina Ngai, CEO of AS Watson (Asia & Europe) joined LinkedIn’s breakfast event in Hong Kong which focused on sharing thought leadership in face of macroeconomic uncertainties.

AS Watson Group Shines at the International Business Awards

We are thrilled to announce that AS Watson Group has achieved phenomenal success at the International Business Awards 2023.

AS Watson Strong Half Year Results in 2023

CK Hutchison Holdings (CKHH) has announced its 2023 interim results, showcasing significant growth in AS Watson (ASW). Despite global economic challenges, ASW's revenue, EBITDA, and EBIT have demonstrated solid increases, driven by robust performances in Europe and Asia.

Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

Thirty awardees of AS Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards 2022-2023 participated in a five-day sports exchange tour in South Korea.

Innovate to Win!

InnoTeam, one of AS Watson Group’s global talent development programmes, brings together a team of young talents from various markets.

Taking Care of Colleagues' Well-being

AS Watson Group Hong Kong office organised the Wellness Days programme in mid-July.

Welcome Dominic to the Netherlands and UK!

Dominic Lai, Group Managing Director of AS Watson Group recently returned to the Netherlands and UK following a 4-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

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