“LOVE CAN HELP II” LKSF New HK$100 Million Grant in Support of Medical and Welfare Services for Hong Kong

Following on the successful “Love Can Help” Medical Assistance Programme last year, the Li Ka Shing Foundation (“LKSF”) announced an additional HK$101 million in support of services for the citizens of Hong Kong in July 2020. The coverage of “Love Can Help II” extends from local medical services to the social welfare community. 

To encourage medical graduates to stay in Hong Kong and serve the local community, LKSF has allocated HK$20.8 million to support a pilot initiative, LKS Career Seeding Fund, for medical graduates from the HKU Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine.

A total of HK$48 million is used to support the Hospital Authority patients, including HK$40 million to continue funding Percutaneous Coronary Intervention procedures and also the newly added Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion, while HK$8 million to fund specified medical devices for interventional procedures. An additional HK$10 million funding will go to the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital’s “Transcatheter Cardiovascular Interventions Subsidy Scheme”. 

Meanwhile, HK$22 million will be used to support 12 non-governmental organisations providing various services to the visually impaired, mentally handicapped and physically disabled, autistic children, elderly and underprivileged families.

LKSF Chairman Mr Li Ka-shing expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the great men and women medical professionals serving Hong Kong’s infected and sick, “In these particularly challenging and vulnerable times, your conscientiousness and perseverance is a bright light of assurance to Hong Kong. The greatest gift of support to your effort is self-discipline. I humbly urge each and every citizen of our city to exercise so. A big thank you also to our social welfare workers who strive to maintain services under such critical circumstances. We are grateful for your dedication and your professionalism is what we all treasure.”

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