Surprising Students in Türkiye

Watsons Türkiye surprised university students with Watsons Minibus. Students recently started face-to-face class after a long break.

Reason to Smile!

Watsons China and Operations Smile jointly organised Give a Smile medical mission to help children with cleft lips or palates in Guangxi, China. The mission helped 51 children regain confidence through giving them a perfect and healthy smile.

Superdrug is Named the Most Trusted Consumer Brand!

Congratulations to Superdrug! Superdrug has won the hearts of its customers, with the recognition of the Most Trusted Consumer Brand and the Most Trusted Retailer across all categories, according to Trustpilot reviews. Superdrug achieved the highest score of 4.4 points out of 5 among all findings. From 20,925 reviews, over 75% of Superdrug’s customers gave an excellent review!

Savers Receives Fundraising Excellence Awards!

Savers is proud to be awarded Corporate Partner Award at the Marie Curie Fundraising Excellence Awards. This award recognises the incredible impact achieved by Savers’ partnership with Marie Curie in 2020, where they raised over £583,000 to provide support to the needy despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

DO GOOD this Holiday Season

Superdrug recently launched a Christmas Give Back campaign in collaboration with its long-term partner, Beauty Banks.

Cardio Boxing Together!

Watsons Indonesia held an O+O event called “Cardio Boxing” at its warehouse. Guided by a professional instructor, Watsons colleagues practiced boxing together.

What a Great Game!

Benson Lee, a son of PARKnSHOP colleague Ben Lee, has won 1 Gold and 1 Bronze medal in Table Tennis at the 11th National Games for Persons with Disabilities. Ben Lee, QC Supervisor of Quality Assurance has been working for PARKnSHOP for almost 30 years. Aside from dedicated to work, he is also devoted to nurturing his son in his sports career.

Marionnaud is Awarded Gold in Retailer Innovations!

Marionnaud is delighted to be awarded Gold in the Retailer Innovations at the 8th Connected Commerce Night organised by Républik Retail.

Beauty Class

Watsons China has launched Beauty Class to provide more all-rounded services for its customers. Customers can now take skincare classes in stores where beauty advisors will teach them about makeup and skincare tips; for example, how to keep the skin moisturised during the dry winter season. Freebies and personal recommendations will also be given to the customers.

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