The First Watsons Youth Festival in Türkiye

Watsons Türkiye has held the first Youth Festival at Bilgi University in Istanbul, attracting over 10,000 GenZ customers.

Superdrug Improves Skin Type Inclusivity

Superdrug has pledged to increase SPF and sunscreen testing on darker skin tones by up to 35%, in an effort to improve skin type inclusivity for customers.

AS Watson Advances its Sustainability Targets to Fight Against Climate Change

As the world’s largest international health and beauty retailer, AS Watson has been committed to reducing its business’ environmental impact and tackling climate change.

Exclusive Celebration

To celebrate the launch of Instaperfect Mattesetter Lip Matte Paint Cappadocia, Watsons Indonesia held an exclusive event for Watsons’ Members.

The Secret to Photo Ready Makeup

Marionnaud Switzerland is proud to exclusively bring Smashbox Cosmetics, an iconic beauty brand born out of the legendary Smashbox Studios in L.A., to its customers.

Sport-Friendly Corporate

AS Watson Group and its business units including AS Watson Industries, PARKnSHOP, Watsons Hong Kong, FORTRESS, Watson's Wine and Watsons Water have been accredited with Sport-Friendly Action Award by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.

Welcome to the eLab Office 2.0 in Asia!

As the eLab, our inhouse digital agency, continues to expand and play a growing role in our global business, our eLab team in Asia has moved into gleaming new office in Hong Kong designed to help make work more fun and collaborative.

Cool Collaboration

Watsons Taiwan has recently launched the Toy Story point collection campaign.

Onwards Foster Moms Programme Enters its 2nd Year

PARKnSHOP and P&G’s diaper brand Pampers continued its Pampers Onward Foster Moms programme to support foster children under the age of 3 through 11 foster care charities in Hong Kong.

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