Highly Anticipated AS Watson European Hackathon

Highly Anticipated AS Watson European Hackathon

AS Watson Group hosted the highly anticipated European Hackathon in Amsterdam on 13-14 April. The 24-hour Hackathon was attended by 70 university students from the Netherlands, UK and Italy, who came together to tackle real-life business challenges related to Next Generation Loyalty. The participants were driven to utilise their skills, creativity, and collective expertise to develop innovative solutions that redefine the future of loyalty in the retail landscape.

In the course of this Hackathon, the 70 participants were divided into 12 teams, with each team assigned to one of the three challenges: Gamification in Retail, Digital Loyalty Programme, and Generative AI.

The winning solutions were evaluated based on several key judging criteria, including novelty, innovation, and wow-factor, alignment with the challenge presented, sustainability, and personalisation and relevance.

Throughout the Hackathon, these talented participants showcased their entrepreneurial drive and demonstrated their understanding of an ever-changing retail market, all while expressing their innovation and gaining valuable experience.

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