Top Scorers of Customer Love Score💯

Top Scorers of Customer Love Score💯

At AS Watson, we’re committed to understanding our customers and adapting to their evolving needs. We believe that actively listening to their feedback is the best way to show our care. In pursuit of this goal, we conduct a monthly customer survey known as the Customer Love Score across all our markets. The survey allows our customers to rate their experiences after each visit and share their feedback. Congratulations to the Top Scorers of this month's Customer Love Score survey who have achieved a perfect score of 100!

In this month's Top Scorer series, we feature:

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Our focus is on keeping a clean, safe and pleasurable shopping environment, prioritising customer satisfaction and comfort.

Andrien Noralissa Abdul Rahman, Store Manager
Watsons Malaysia – Southville City

Our team understands our roles, monitors progress, and delivers the best O+O service. With warm smiles and professionalism, we earn respect, love, and trust from our customers.

Arjay Yambao, Store Manager
Watsons Philippines – New Point Mall Angeles

We take pride in showcasing our wide range of high quality products and demonstrating our expertise. We are thrilled to have achieved a 100% customer love score from our customers. It truly means a lot to us.

Margo Smith, Store Manager
The Perfume Shop – Street Resite

Cooperation, teamwork, respect, determination, and responsibility are the pillars of our cohesive team. We love and support each other in the team. Our commitment is reflected in our warm smiles, as we believe a smile is the key to success.

Olga Iljina, Store Manager
Drogas Latvia – Biķernieku

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