Clean Your Makeup for Younger Skin

Watsons Thailand is thrilled to unveil its latest product range, Dermaction Plus x Nong Chat.

Kayaking to Protect the Planet

Watsons Singapore organised the first-ever river clean-up kayaking event in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature.

K-Healthy Spree

Watsons Malaysia, in collaboration with Most Young Global, has introduced a range of new brands aimed at enhancing the popularity of Korean healthy products among customers across Malaysia.

Healthy Skin, Healthy Sea

Watsons Indonesia and Kenvue have partnered for the "Healthy Skin, Healthy Sea" campaign.

Sustainability and Innovation

Watsons Türkiye organised the Sustainability and Innovation Summit, in collaboration with Boğaziçi University and Galatasaray University, aimed to promote sustainability and innovation in Türkiye.

Top Scorers of Customer Love Score 💯

Check this out to see the featured top scored of Customer Love Score in our global network!

Embrace an Active Lifestyle

Watsons Indonesia offered a range of health and sports activities both offline and online at Watsons Get Active Festival this year.

Bright Future

Watsons Thailand, in collaboration with Watsons Club members and local staff, made a significant contribution to the welfare of the community by supporting the Ban Namsoom Child Development Centre in Chiang Mai province.

Develop a Healthy Habit

Nutrabliss by Watsons has introduced a range of Probiotics + Prebiotics products, supporting digestive health and immune system.

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