Never Stop Learning

AS Watson Group attaches great importance to nurturing talents whilst providing them a platform of continuous learning. Since 2016, the Group has launched the “Professional Diploma in Retail Management”, a level 5 programme under the Qualifications Framework (QF) equivalent to that of a bachelor degree offered by local universities in Hong Kong, which is the first company in Hong Kong offering QF level 5 programme.

Sending Love to the Elderly

In response to the AS Watson Group's Global Volunteer Day, PARKnSHOP Hong Kong volunteer team has partnered with its supplier partner Knorr to pay a visit to the Food Angel Community Center and sending special gift set to the elderly.

Save Our Ocean

PARKnSHOP Hong Kong recently partnered with suppliers to launch the “Bye Bye Microbeads” eStamp redemption programme, encouraging customers to make the right choice to buy microbead-free rinse-off personal care products at PARKnSHOP.  

Celebrating PARKnSHOP as a Trusted Brand for 50 Years

PARKnSHOP has been growing with Hong Kong people for 50 years, expanding and adapting to the fast-changing needs of local customers. It’s loved by generations of Hong Kong people, who trust PARKnSHOP to provide outstanding choice, freshness and safety, value and experiences.

Celebrating PARKnSHOP’s 50 Years

PARKnSHOP Hong Kong marks its 50th anniversary by organising a celebration event today, sharing the joy with over 220 colleagues as well as its business partners.

DigiLive Shop-in-Shop Opening

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, PARKnSHOP Hong Kong has partnered with 3HK to launch 3 | DigiLive shop-in-shops in selected PARKnSHOP stores.

Sport-Friendly Corporate

AS Watson Group and its business units including AS Watson Industries, PARKnSHOP, Watsons Hong Kong, FORTRESS, Watson's Wine and Watsons Water have been accredited with Sport-Friendly Action Award by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong.

Onwards Foster Moms Programme Enters its 2nd Year

PARKnSHOP and P&G’s diaper brand Pampers continued its Pampers Onward Foster Moms programme to support foster children under the age of 3 through 11 foster care charities in Hong Kong.

Continue to “Dream #LikeAGirl”

Watsons and PARKnSHOP Hong Kong has joined hands with P&G's feminine care brand Whisper to continue the "Dream #LikeAGirl" campaign.

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