PARKnSHOP & Food Angel Mark 10 Years of Collaboration

PARKnSHOP and Food Angel are celebrating their 10 years of collaboration and launching the first smart food donation machine in Hong Kong supermarkets.

AS Watson’s Greener Stores Accelerate Global Movement Towards a More Sustainable Future

AS Watson has just celebrated its 180th anniversary and is looking to the future with the launch of our Greener Stores Global Framework. We’re taking a leading role in global retail to show how this industry can be more sustainable in the long term.

Live a Sustainable Life with PARKnSHOP

PARKnSHOP is committed to protect the planet with 2 further steps to achieve the 2030 Sustainability Vision.

Bye Bye Microbeads with PARKnSHOP

Microbeads in facial cleansers, shower gels or toothpastes with scrubbing or exfoliating function are harmful to the ecological environment when discharged into the sea. PARKnSHOP Hong Kong has completely stopped selling all rinse-off personal care products containing microbeads to protect the ocean since January 2020.

Let’s Make the World Smile!

The COVID-19 has changed the way people live but it didn’t stop AS Watson Group from giving love and smiles to our communities. AS Watson Group’s colleagues and its business partners have thrown themselves into the Smile For Good 2021, the annual global volunteering campaign, to make positive impact on their communities.

What a Great Game!

Benson Lee, a son of PARKnSHOP colleague Ben Lee, has won 1 Gold and 1 Bronze medal in Table Tennis at the 11th National Games for Persons with Disabilities. Ben Lee, QC Supervisor of Quality Assurance has been working for PARKnSHOP for almost 30 years. Aside from dedicated to work, he is also devoted to nurturing his son in his sports career.

Wellbeing Campaign

To promote wellbeing awareness, PARKnSHOP Hong Kong kicked off a Wellbeing Campaign with a series of activities in September 2021. The leadership team demonstrated stretching exercises at the office and all staff were given a stretching brand to exercise together. A Fruit, Healthy Snack & Drink Booth was also set up to encourage colleagues to build healthy eating habits.

Building a Greener World

In an effort to raise students’ awareness in environmental protection, PARKnSHOP’s Green School Programme invites all primary schools and special schools to apply for funding for the projects of sustainable farming, energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling. Since 2013, over 580 green projects have been funded, giving students wonderful opportunities to learn about sustainability in practice.

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