Make a Difference to Customer Experience

The Global Summit by The Consumer Goods Forum was held in Dublin, Ireland. Malina Ngai, Group Chief Operating Officer and CEO of AS Watson (Asia & Europe) was invited to join the CEO panel on 21 June and shared how AS Watson has overcome the COVID-19 pandemic with agility and resilience and create a seamless O+O (Offline plus Online) shopping experience for customers at the Global Summit.

A Glamorous Night!

Watsons Türkiye organised its eighth Watsons Beauty and Personal Care Awards at a hotel in Istanbul.

Celebrating PARKnSHOP’s 50 Years

PARKnSHOP Hong Kong marks its 50th anniversary by organising a celebration event today, sharing the joy with over 220 colleagues as well as its business partners.

Free Cardiovascular Screenings at Superdrug

Superdrug is now offering free walk-in cardiovascular screenings in its health clinics to help customers detect cardiovascular diseases.

Group Legal Wins Counsel of the Year

AS Watson Group’s Legal Department is very proud to have won 3 awards in the In-House Community Counsels of the Year Awards.

A New Vegan Choice!

Mr. Juicy has newly launched a sub-brand Mr. Nutty, offering two vegan plant milks - almond milk & oat milk, creating a delicious green life for customers!

Time to Celebrate!

Watsons Singapore just hosted the annual Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards to celebrate the success and achievements of our supplier partners.

Kruidvat Wins 3 Advertising Awards

Congratulations! Kruidvat has won 3 awards at the SAN Accent Awards, including Advertiser of the Year, Best Retail Campaign and Best Branding 360° Campaign.

DigiLive Shop-in-Shop Opening

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary, PARKnSHOP Hong Kong has partnered with 3HK to launch 3 | DigiLive shop-in-shops in selected PARKnSHOP stores.

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