True Colours

Superdrug unveiled its Shades of You campaign by making 10 commitments to championing more inclusivity in the beauty industry. Superdrug strives to showcase products for different skin tones and commit to more inclusive ranges.

Superdrug - 3 New Stores

Superdrug opens 3 new stores in Scotland, Tamworth and South Yorkshire in UK.

Do Good, Feel Great!

Superdrug recently launched its Doing Good Feels Super initiative, which guides customers on how to be more environmentally friendly by making it easier to recycle packaging. This linked with a virtual event where guest stars talked about making sustainable swaps in their beauty regimen.

New Savers Store

Savers unveils a new store in Gosport, UK.

The Perfume Shop’s Environmental-friendly Concept Store

The Perfume Shop unveils an environmental-friendly concept store in Edinburgh’s St. James Quarter with tree installation made from recycled bottles. Now, customers receive offer for next purchase when they return their empty fragrance bottles for recycling.

Six Amazing Years of eLab

It seems like only yesterday, but it was 6 years ago that AS Watson Group launched its pioneering eLab, an in-house digital agency. eLab unites digital specialists from across the globe on a shared mission to accelerate digital transformation, seize emerging O+O (Offline plus Online) opportunities, and drive digital innovation. Now, it’s time to celebrate eLab’s six-year market-leading achievements, delve into its unique culture, and look at what’s coming next.

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